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How To Get The Most Out Of Android Nougat Notifications

With the improved features and enhanced performance, notifications on Android Nougat continue to be among the highlighting factors of the latest Android OS.

Tech Giant, Google has cleaned up the UI to refine notifications and has also added color tones to highlight important information. While the basic functionality of notifications on Android Nougat is similar to its predecessors, there are some underlying changes.

Quick Reply with notifications on Android Nougat

From the lock screen of your Android device, you can still see the usual notification cards, but with a little change . Before you go ahead and swipe away the notification, try tugging down slightly on the notification card.

Doing this will enable you to use the Quick Reply feature and type in a text right from the lock screen. If you have a Fingerprint, PIN, Pattern or Passcode enabled, you will have to unlock your device before you can use Quick Reply.

Customize notifications from the pull-down menu

Other than Quick Reply, Android Nougat also enables you to control how the notification cards appear on your device. In order to edit the notifications of a particular app, simply slide your finger across the notification card from right to left. This action will reveal a tiny gear icon on the right side of the notification card.

Tapping on the gear icon will reveal three options:

Show notifications silentlyBlock all notificationsDon’t silence or block

Choose either of the 3 options and press “Done”, or press “More Settings” to view complete notification settings for that particular app. You can then tinker with the advanced notification options for the app on your device.

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