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Audi Has A Surprise For You - The Audi Q5 #Qriosity

It's a very beautiful taillight, but you probably won't see more than this until next week.


Audi has been very, very tightlipped regarding its Paris Motor Show headliner, the all-new Q5. We've seen plenty of guesses as to what it will entail, but there's been little concrete evidence to back them up. Today, Audi's broken its silence and sent a teaser out into the ether.

Based on the image, which is basically just the taillight and the badge, it's clear that the vehicle will take on a slightly more angular appearance than before. That's exactly what happened with the 2017 Q7, so it stands to reason that the Q5, as well, will take on a more wagon-like look. Nobody's complaining here -- the new Q7 looks the business.

In terms of what to expect beyond looks, it's anybody's guess right now. It should move over to the VW Group's MQB platform, which underpins everything from the diminutive Q2 to Volkswagen's forthcoming three-row SUV. It'll likely carry a number of engine options, including tiny, efficient four-pots. There will probably be an SQ5 performance model in the cards, as there was in the past.

We'll know more for sure when Audi debuts the Q5 at the Paris Motor Show next week. You can watch a livestream on Audi's site, and there's even a hashtag just for the event, #Qriosity, which sounds like a startup focusing on healthy juices.

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Audi Has A Surprise For You - The Audi Q5 #Qriosity Audi Has A Surprise For You -  The Audi Q5 #Qriosity Reviewed by Michael Ajah on Friday, September 23, 2016 Rating: 5

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