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How To Fix Gangster Vegas Install Problems

Gangster Vegas is one of the best android  games by Gameloft.

Sometimes when users try to download the game from the Playstore from some devices they might see a message that the phone is not supported for the game or its possible that they may already have d the extra data files and placed it in the right folder but it'll still require you download the extra data even though you've already placed it in the right folder.

I took the game from a friend some days ago and I discovered a work around that saved me from wasting 1.7gb of data.  Here's how to fix the problem.

1.Move the extra data to any empty folder.

2.Install The Game Apk.

3. Download and install lucky patcher

4. Launch lucky patcher

5. Go to the gangster game in the patcher menu

6. Click on the game then select : create modified apk file.

7. Select the option with LVL emulation then Click on rebuild.

8.Once you're done rebuilding you should get an alert like

N1- Success
N2 -  Success
N3- Failed
N4- Failed

9.Click  on : Go to file, then click  the apk

10. Select The Uninstall and Install option

11. Move the Extra Data back to the com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftGGHM  folder .

(it's in the obb folder in Android)

12. Make sure the name of the Folder is correct. Also make sure that the name of the extra data is main.26030.com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftGGHM.obb

13. Turn on your data and Launch the game..  If it crashes reopen it again it should be working well.

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