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Check Out One Of The Fastest Trucks On Earth - The Volvo Iron Knight

Before you even think about it , no, you can't swap this engine into your dad's old Volvo 240.


Trucks aren't often built for outright speed. But the  Volvo Iron Knight is not your typical truck. It was built for just one purpose -- breaking speed records. And, what do you know, Volvo's got some new world records to its name. Then again, what do you expect when you shove 2,400 horsepower under the hood?

Nearly every piece on the Iron Knight is a one-off affair, built just for this application. The only parts that aren't entirely bespoke are the engine and the dual-clutch transmission, the latter of which is the same unit used in Volvo's normal truck lineup. The engine, mounted midship, packs four turbochargers and puts out 2,400 hp and an unbelievable 4,425 pound-feet of torque.

As you might expect, the Iron Knight can hustle. Volvo today reveals it broke two world records in June at an airfield in Sweden -- it claimed top honors in a standing-start, 500-meter (0.31-mile) run with a time of 13.71 seconds, and it broke the 1,000-meter (0.62-mile) record with a time of 21.29 seconds. During these runs, a top speed of 171.5 mph was recorded, which must feel absolutely insane, sitting several feet off the ground in a 4.5-metric-tonne truck.

Volvo's got a history of breaking these records, so it knows what to do and who to employ. The driver for these record-breaking runs was Boije Ovebrink, who's raced cars and trucks for three decades. Volvo's built two other record-breakers, as well -- the 1,600-hp Wild Viking and the 2,100-hp Mean Green hybrid. What I would give to get behind the wheel of one of these...

I'm still imagining these kind of trucks on Nigerian roads,  considering the number of people killed by Dangote Trucks every year.. If Dangote gets these trucks eh .. Well I reserve my comment..

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