Sunday, 14 August 2016

Check Out The Copper Head OS - The Next Level Of Security On Android

The Android Open-Source project (AOSP) was the dawn of a new era in mobile
OS world. However, despite being under the umbrella of Google ,
Android has been struggling with  major security problems . Google’s
security team has been barely able to keep up with security
vulnerabilities that has been hitting Android back to back .

Copperhead OS has now appeared as the savior of Android OS, built
by a team of just two people. Based in Toronto, Copperhead OS is a
revamped and bolted version of the Android OS we have come to love,
with none of the vulnerabilities. Integrated with the state of the art
secure technology like Grsecurity and PaX.

Moreover, Copperhead includes enhancements like compiler
hardening, enhanced SELinux policies, OpenBSD malloc
implementation and more. Already out for buyers looking for a truly
secure Android experience, Copperhead OS for Nexus 6P , Nexus 9
and Nexus 5X is already out.

Copperhead OS as a universal Android ROM?

Although the majority of the security enhancements in this version of
Android OS are not compatible with most devices. Until OEM Android
brands choose to bring out an extra-secure variant of their popular
devices in collaboration with Copperhead, you will probably have to
embrace Google's Nexus for the military-grade secure environment.

To know more about Copperhead OS for Android and all the top-grade
security features, visit their official website

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Check Out The Copper Head OS - The Next Level Of Security On Android
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