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Year Of Lawsuits - Apple Gets Sued In China

Most Tech companies seem to have lawsuits against them and Apple is not left out. It seems everyone wants a piece of Apple’s money in
China as the company gets sued again over a rather
frivolous claim. This time, Apple is being taken to
court by the State Administration of Press,
Publication, Radio, Film, and Television (SAPPRFT).
This body governs almost everything relating to
media in China, and the body is asking for about
50,000 yuan ($7,500).

Earlier this year, this same body got Apple’s iBooks
and iTunes banned in China, and given this previous
record, Apple should be ready to lose again.
SAPPRFT claims Apple is providing free access to a
“patriotic movie” it exclusively owns through an app
available for download in the App Store. The obscure
movie titled Xuebo Dixiao, which was released in
1994, tells the story of a Chinese Doctor trying to start
a hospital in the country. He however has to deal
with Japanese forces.
According to Shangaiist , this movie has been
available for free download online all these while. It
can even be watched freely on Daily Motion .

Youku Tudou is what appears to be China’s own
YouTube and this video sharing site has an app,
Youku HD, in the App Store. Apparently, the said
movie can be streamed through this app, and this is
why SAPPRFT thinks Apple owes it $7,500 for the
financial damage caused.

It’s worthy of mentioned that Alibaba, a Chinese
company, actually owns the video sharing website
Recently, a patent troll got the court to stop Apple
from selling the iPhone 6 in China . The company
claimed Apple stole it’s design for the iPhone 6. Just
before this, Apple too has lost the exclusive use of the
iPhone trademark to a handbag and purse

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