Tuesday, 5 July 2016

How To Know If Your Smartphone Is Charging Fast

The next thing I hate after slow Internet is slow charging .   I made a post previously on

 10 Reasons Why Your Smartphone May Be Charging Slowly  

If you've read that post above you can now proceed to this part of the post.

Download Ampere

This App Shows You How Fast Your Device Is Charging.

The Results You'll  see below are taken from different current sources.

Photo 1 -  Charging with 1.2A Charger
Photo 2 - Charging with 1A charger
Photo 3 -  Charging with 1.A power bank port

My powerbank's capacity is 10000maH while my phone battery is about 3600maH, meaning it should charge my phone fully about 2 times.

The higher the ampere, the faster your phone charges.

 Download Ampere  

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How To Know If Your Smartphone Is Charging Fast
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