Friday, 8 July 2016

How To Get A Free US Number For SMS And Calls

Getting A US Number is very easy if you know how to use it.

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To get a US Number You'll need to Download Textnow.. Unfortunately it's not available for Nigerians on Playstore you can still download the app from

In order to use this App you'll need to connect to A VPN.  You can download Surfeasy VPN, Droid VPN or Tunnel Bear VPN from Playstore.

Install  any of the VPN's then select US VPN in the app
After Connecting to the VPN network.

Open the App and Login to your Facebook account.

Once you've logged in. You'll be asked for an area code.  Select an area code from

Once you've selected it you'll be given a random number to use.  By default your credit bonus is $0.10.  Calls to Nigeria are charged at 4.5 cents per minute. Each country has a different price rate though. You can call and Text US and Canadian Numbers Free.

You can buy credit on the app with your debit card or earn credit by viewing ads and completing surveys. The bonus points for surveys range from  $0.02 to $0.60.

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How To Get A Free US Number For SMS And Calls
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