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Easiest Way To Get Many Likes On Facebook Posts

It can be annoying when you post your picture on Facebook and you get only about  3-4 likes meanwhile your friends especially the ladies are getting about 100+ likes, Trust me I've been there but that was long before I started blogging.

Now I'm about to reveal the easiest way to get fast Facebook likes and feel like a boss .  Unlike other websites that will give you links to autolike websites that'll require an Access token to work, this doesn't require one. All you have to do is this :

1.Download and Install the App From the link at the end of the post

2. Login to your Facebook account from the app

3.  Select any of your photos you want likes on

4. Click the green box that says "want like on this?"

5. A box will pop up. Click on ok then minimize the app. Then watch as your likes increase.


Still in doubt??.. Well I tried it myself here's a result. This is just one of several photos I've done this to.

By  6.37 am.. No likes yet.

I decided to use the app.

Hehehe.. 13 likes already.. This is Fun

In a few more minutes. 90 likes.. Feeling like a boss 😁😁

Now.. 102 likes.. There's no limit to the amount of likes


Sometimes if you select a photo and you get likes on it,  you cannot get another like on the same photo. You'll have to wait for about 3 hours for it to work again.. Here's a photo I boosted the likes  3 times.

Will be dropping the one for Instagram soon.. Stay on NaijaTechGuy for more. Have a great day ahead.

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