Thursday, 2 June 2016

This Could Be The World's Most Secure Phone

No device is ever 100% secure.
Can you really put a price on security?
Well, apparently now you can, with a new smartphone setting
customers back a minimum of $16,000/£11,000.
Launching its first foray into the market, Sirin Labs has produced a
military-grade phone which it claims "incorporates the most
advanced privacy technology currently unavailable outside the
agency world".

Image credit : Sirin Labs

Unsurprisingly, the Solarin phone is not being aimed at the average
punter looking for a third-wheel in the Samsung/Apple-dominated
The privacy-first device is instead the target of international
businesspeople who carry sensitive information but don't want to
compromise on usability, quality or design.p

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This Could Be The World's Most Secure Phone
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