Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Snapchat Overtakes Twitter As Second Most Popular Social Network

According to a Bloomberg report, messaging app Snapchat now has
more than 150 million daily active users (DAUs), whereas the daily
active users of Twitter amount to 140 million. That's almost ten million users above twitter...  I'm still thinking if Twitter's 140million users is stuck at 140 million since Tweets are normally 140 characters..

The DAUs of Snapchat have grown from 110 million since December
to 150 million in about six months, the Bloomberg survey revealed.
The findings of the survey were derived from an average of analysts
estimates, and the numbers arrived at, however, have not been
confirmed by Snapchat or Twitter.
With the likes of the Kardashian clan and Rahul Khanna closer to
home, snapping away and giving us a glimpse into their lives, the
surge in Snapchat's popularity does not come as an absolute surprise.
And the fact that the application supports a variety of features, replete
with filters and Live stores, Snapchat's popularity is expected to
steadily grow in the near future.

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Snapchat Overtakes Twitter As Second Most Popular Social Network
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