Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Instagram To Add Translate Button Next Month

In the past few years, Instagram has grown to become one of the most popular, most used photo sharing app. Matter of fact, just last week Instagram hit a milestone of 500 million users and 300 million daily visits .
According to a report, 80%of these
500 million subscribers live outside the United States hence the importance of a translate button.

Doing a little maths, it is revealed that over 400
million Instagram users are non-Americans.

This would help easy communication on Instagram hence bridging the language gap has always posed a great problem for social networks.
A Translate Button that translates foreign
languages into something you can understand is
more than welcome.
Instagram, via its Instagram page announced
that in the coming month, users will see a
translation button on profile bios and feed
stories written in languages you can’t
understand. Well it's uncertain how many languages would be supported. However I think if it's connected through the Google translate API it'll be better, unless the developers have a better idea.

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Instagram To Add Translate Button Next Month
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