Thursday, 16 June 2016

Facebook Adds Soccer Game To Its Messenger App

When March Madness came along, Facebook added a little easter
egg that lets you send a basketball emoji and start a mini-game
straight inside Messenger. Given its popularity , it’s no surprise that
it’s released a new game for the #Euro2016 season – this time
with the soccer (or football, depending where you’re from) emoji

To start, you’ll want to use the same instructions as the Messenger
Basketball game. Send the soccer emoji (here it is if you can’t find
it: ) to your friend and tap it to start the game.
Instead of shooting it into a goal, you’ll want to keep tapping it to
keep the ball in the air. After 10 points, it gets tougher with a little
bit of distractions. We’ve tried this game for a few minutes and it’s
definitely harder than you think.
The update is rolling out now so you might not see it available
immediately – just keep your eyes on the new app version in your
App or Play Stores to get in on the action. Enjoy!

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Facebook Adds Soccer Game To Its Messenger App
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