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You Can Never Get Lost With This Smart Shoe

Wearables are getting more attention and it seems
everything is getting smart: from belts,glasses, mirrors, watches, the suit we
wear and even umbrellas , it shouldn’t come as a
surprise to know that a new pair of smart shoes is
already developed. EasyJet now has a pair of
sneakers that aims to guide you and keep your from
getting lost.

Image credit: Maurizio Pesce / Wired

EasyJet Sneakairs isn’t just another smart shoe fitted
with a fitness tracker, once synchronized with your
phone, it directs you to your destination through GPS.

This is how it works

The shoe connects with your phone via bluetooth
and each of the pair has motors placed inside that
vibrate. Once connected to the GPS app on your
phone and you’ve already set your destination, you
should feel a buzz either on the right or left feet
depending if you’re to take the right turning or the

Image credit: Maurizio Pesce / Wired

Sneakair also has other vibration patterns that lets
you know if you’ve missed a turn and you need to go
back. It also alerts you when you’ve finally reached
your destination.
The pair of sneakers is manufactured by EasyJet, a
low-cost airline based in the UK. Maurizio Pesce
at Wired took the sneakers for a spin and reported
that the only issue with it right now is the battery life
which only lasts for about three hours. The company
is however working on making it last much longer.

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