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This Contact Lens Can Record What You See

The race to develop smart contact lenses with all types of crazy
capabilities is getting more focused. Sony became a serious contender
by filing a patent for self-powered contacts that could record what the
wearer sees.

Sounding like the kind of tech that Alfred would present to Bruce
Wayne in a sparkling case, the patent awarded to Sony in April calls
for contact lenses that contain an “image pickup unit” and storage for
recording either still or moving images.

Tech for recording and storing those images would be embedded right
in the lens around the iris, CNET reported . A piezoelectric sensor
would pick up tiny eye movements and convert that into energy that
powers all the tech inside the lens. We’ve already seen these special
materials power nanodevices , so this proposal makes sense.


The device would be controlled by consciously blinking in a certain
way, prompting it to start or stop recording. Since the wearer blinks
normally, effectively covering the lens for 0.2 to 0.4 seconds each
time, the lens could automatically delete dark frames for better
playback, Sony’s patent explained.
An antenna in the lens allows for transmitting the captured images
wirelessly, according to the patent. Those who need prescription
lenses would wear a corrective lens in one eye and the recording lens
in another. Sounds like another compelling point in favor of laser eye
Contact Lenses Could Send Texts to Your Eyes
As CNET noted, this is all theoretical right now, though. Sony’s patent
doesn’t guarantee a comfortable contact lens that actually records.
Many steps would need to happen first.
However, the regular contact lenses for corrective vision have been
improving rapidly over the past few years, my ophthalmologist told me
recently. Real recording ones might just arrive in the deliberate blink of
an eye.

Credits - CNET

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