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Google's Modular Phone To Go On Sale Next Year (Project Ara)

We have certainly reached the point where all smartphones in
the market are practically the same. To be honest, apart from the ridiculously huge specifications OEMs
keep putting on flagships each year, nothing exciting
has been happening in the mobile market. It is beginning to get boring but Google may be bringing a new game changer,
that with the release of the first Project Ara phone
next year.

Image credit: Google
Google’s modular phone may be a game changer as it
looks like nothing we’ve seen before. This is a
customizable device that lets you arrange the
modules the way you like. You can as well choose the
modules you want and as time goes on, modules
performing specific functions will be developed.
Modules such as cameras, sensors, speakers can be
arranged by users.

Image credit: Google
Google has already partnered with Panasonic,
Toshiba, Micron and Sony. According to Blaise
Bertrand, Project Ara’s head of creative, the device
will be light, thin and beautiful. He further said here
modules can solve specific users need and cited the
example of a diabetic patient that needs a glucometer.
iHealth’s version of a glucometer can be attached to
the phone. He said:
“ Everything in a glucometer, besides
a few sensors, is in a phone.
The developer version of Project Ara will be
available in the fourth quarter of the year but the
device won’t be commercially available till next year.
Pricing hasn’t been revealed yet.

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