Sunday, 22 May 2016

Common Problems With The Obi Worldphones Sf1 and how to fix

I've been using this device for almost 7 months. I'm really impressed with how the phone works. Unfortunately like other smartphones there a some bugs . Some bugs in the device make it seem like it's going to get damaged. Here are possible fixes for it.

1.Obi SF1 refuses To Power On

The first time I encountered this problem on the device, I was a little bit scared that it was already damaged. Since the phone's battery is inbuilt, the normal method of removing and putting the battery won't work. Here's what to do if you encounter this error.

If the battery wasn't low, simply hold the power button for up to 2 minutes, it should power on. If the battery was low, charge the device for about 15 minutes. Unplug the device then hold the power button for 2minutes

2.Obi Sf1 freezes(hangs) and displays black screen.

This is probably caused by running too many apps in the background. Simply hold the volume+, volume - and power button. Your phone should reboot.

If you encounter any problems with your device. Kindly let me know . I'll be ready to assist. Use our contact us form.

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Common Problems With The Obi Worldphones Sf1 and how to fix
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