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App : Record Your Phone Calls With This App

Now forget about missing any important call. You are probably in hurry and
does not listen your call carefully or you need to prove something. Don't worry, Record all your call

easily and can listen later. you can can share call recordings with

Call Recordings some times hardware dependent also.If you are not
able to record properly try to set different recorder audio source from
settings options.
NOTE: While using this app, don't use any other call recordings app.

*Auto Recordings on or off options[off will give option of manual
*Set Password for Application from settings options
*Upload your call recordings to cloud services like Dropbox and
Google Drive
*Add Remarks to your call recordings
*Can change call recordings storage
*Can create widget to see saved and unsaved recording count and
click will open application
*Able to search call recordings using mobile number, Contact name
*Able to search Remarks list using remarks
*Can save call recordings so it won't be deleted automatically.
*Multiple options of recordings audio file format.
*Multiple options of recordings audio source.
*Multi Select option for call recordings using long click press
*Add contact to ignore recordings list using Don't record this contact

And more..

Click The Link below to download


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