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Samsung Shows Off Smart Belt And Two Other Products At CES

OEMs and developers showed
off their latest products and inventions in the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) that’s just a few
Months back . Samsung unveiled three
new products from its secret lab called C-Lab
(Creative Lab).

One of these products is called Welt which is actually
a smart belt. This should came as no surprise, we
reported a few months ago that the South Korean giant
is working on a smart ring which in itself, isn’t even
a strange technology. The smart belt is designed to
monitor users’ health.

Image credit: Samsung
More precisely, it can record the user’s waist size,
eating habits and the number of steps taken daily.
This belt too can also monitor the amount of time
spent sitting down. This smart belt looks like a
normal belt and it offers a more discreet way of using
wearables for health monitoring.

According to a statement released on Samsung’s
website, this belt sends collected data to a special app
for analysis.
Another product Samsung unveiled at CES is an
advanced hand-motion controller for mobile VR
devices called rink. Simply put, this device can be
used to make Virtual Reality more realistic by
providing users ability to control games or content
using their hands.

Image credit: Samsung

The last product Samsung showed off is
TipTalk. This is going to be particularly useful to those
using wearables because it lets you listen to audio
from smart devices without an headset. It is shaped
like a watch strap and can be added to any watch.

Image credit: Samsung

By simple touching the ear, users to will able to
receive calls and discreetly listen to it in public
without being overheard.

Image credit: Samsung

It is also said it improves audio clarity from
wearables and can be used in very noisy

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