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Airtel Speedo Package - How To Activate

Airtel finally rivals other Leading internet service providers in
Nigeria by unveiling the Airtel Smart Speedoo data package.
However, this package was introduced to allow Airtel customers
experience real data while surfing through the internet at cheaper
Subscribing to the Airtel Smart speedoo package, you get to
recover every internet megabytes being used and this would help
you experience the real data tariff. Still don’t understand? Let me
break it down disclosing to you on how it works.
Once you’ve opted into this package, you’ll get to recover any
megabyte used on the internet. For instance, “ When you
use up to 10mb at 1kobo/kb, Airtel gives yoi 10mb free. And
when your usage gets to 50mb, the browsing rate drops to 0.5kobo/
kb, then you get 50mb free. When you use
100mb, the rate drops further to 0.2kobo/kb and you are given 100mb
This cycle continues every month
which gives Airtel customers free surf experience every month.

To opt-in the Airtel Smart speedoo package, simply dial *141# and
reply with 2 to get started. So enjoy almost free internet experience
with Airtel Smart speedoo. The more you surf through the internet,
the freer internet data you’re given.

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