Sunday, 20 March 2016

MTN BBLITED Subscription Failed - How To Fix

Recently MTN BBLITE SUBSCRIPTION has been having some issues. I think it's because of a recent server upgrade. Here's what to do if you keep getting messages like.

"Hi, Your Activation to BB10 LITE Daily is failed."

Call 180, then after their usual talking, choose Your
preferred language then press 6, wait for like 3 secs before pressing any
number,after some seconds press 2,then press 1,then
press 3, then press 3 again, then at this stage wait for the voice
prompt to give you options among midi bundle or lite bundle of either
month,week or day then follow the rest of instruction... That's how i
activated mine.

PS: Make sure there is about 3 seconds interval before pressing the next
number in the instruction...

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MTN BBLITED Subscription Failed - How To Fix
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