Monday, 28 March 2016

How To Send Files With Xender and Flash share on BB10 Phones

BB10 users know how difficult it is to transfer files from the fastest ftp apps in the android market (FlashShare and Xender).

I decided to make a little research. Due to the differences in the Android Os and BB10 OS, BB10 Devices can only join connections unlike the Android Phones that can create connections and also join. Note that for now I haven't discovered any method to use the app on two BB10 devices so the method below is on how to transfer files between an android phone and a BB10.

Follow These Steps

1 Open Xender or FlashShare on Both Devices

2 Create Connection With The Android Device

3. Join The Connection With The BB10 while it's connecting minimize the app and . Go To WiFi on the BB10 and Connect to the Androids Hotspot

4. The android device should show that it's connected to the bb10 but the bb10 won't display anything on its Xender. Don't bother about that just start transferring your files . :) if you don't understand the above method. Use the comment box and I'll explain more.

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How To Send Files With Xender and Flash share on BB10 Phones
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