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Naijatechguy Approved To Run Facebook Ads

Facebook has approved your number One  Tech Blog, Naijatechguy.com to
display Facebook ads after opting in for the Facebook Audience
Network for mobile web. Hence, we can start earning money
from Facebook adverts displayed on the blog.
It took about 7 working days for Facebook to approve the blog for the
F.A.N for mobile web. The approval notification was sent via email and
also displayed via the developer"Alerts" section of my Facebook app
developer dashboard.

The blog has also been approved for Direct Support. This tool allows
you to communicate directly with members of the Audience Network
team via Support Cases.
You can read more about Facebook Audience Network for Mobile Web
here .

Has your blog been approved to display Facebook ads?

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Naijatechguy Approved To Run Facebook Ads Naijatechguy Approved To Run Facebook Ads Reviewed by Michael Ajah on Saturday, February 27, 2016 Rating: 5

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