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http://shc.stanford.edu/sites/default/files/news/English%20dept_.jpgIt was a cold morning, the sound of three successive gunshots woke Jeremy up.

It was the year 1948, The town was just recovering from the ruins of the Second World War. Everywhere looked bright ,Alarmed at the sound of the shots, Jeremy slowly peeped through the window, it was broad daylight or what it seemed to be but what he saw was just the beginning of his nightmares. He took a quick glance at his six year old brother James, the young lad was sleeping soundly with a smile across his little face.

"He doesn't really know what the world is like  ", Jeremy thought. He decided to look through the window again.
The flying Pirate Ship he had seen earlier had just disappeared and everywhere turned dark. He looked at the old wall clock hanging on the wall, it was 2.30 Am.

He went back to his bed but he couldn't sleep. He had heard mysteries about the souls of lost pirates flying through the town every night looking for a long lost treasure. There was also a myth that whoever set eyes on the pirate ship would be captured and never seen again.

" No it can't be , I can't believe those silly stories, I can't let my mind play tricks on me . I think I'm just dreaming .. ", he mumbled to himself.

Suddenly, He heard footsteps and the person seemed to be coming closer to his door with every step. It was only his brother that was in the house with him. He was terrified, the clock which had shown 2.30 AM a few minutes ago was now showing 12.30 AM.

Then It Happened!!..

To be continued next week

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