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NaijaTechGuy Novels : The SuperNaturals Episode 1

http://shc.stanford.edu/sites/default/files/news/English%20dept_.jpgDo You Believe In The Existence Of Supernatural Beings?
If you do. Join me on this Journey.

My Name Is Chaz, I and my friends have been given the power to cleanse the world from the evil that has taken over it.
The Jewel Of Peace Was Stolen From a Cave In Las Vegas, A jewel that protected people. It was stolen by someone, so evil. His presence irritates me

I think I remember what happened vividly

September 11th 1776, . 6 :45 Am ��

Chaz walks up to the freezer to pick up some cereal for breakfast, suddenly there's a little earthquake then a portal appears from the freezer. He steps back and watches to know who would come out from the portal. A Devil Steps Out From The Portal

Chaz - "Lucifen?!!!, What Are You Doing Here? "

Lucifen - Came To pay an old friend a visit

Chaz - Go straight to the point

Lucifen - It's Time For You To Die

Chaz - You're Kidding Right

»» Lucifen dashes forward, Chaz steps aside and trips him. Before anyone can say Jack Robinson, Chaz has already. given him some punches. They keep battling for minutes

Meanwhile Louis, Chaz's Brother sensed that something was wrong so he rushed downstairs with 7 Solomon Stars

He throws them towards the portal. Lucifen falls to the ground, groaning and screaming.

Chaz : I would have killed you but you aren't worth it

Louis Picks Up the 7 signs and Chaz asks Lucifen to get out of their house.

Lucifen takes one more look at him,

" I'll be back "

He walks into the portal and disappears.

Louis : We better clean up the mess you guys made here

There's a knock on the door.

" Who's that"
"Stephanie "
" The door's open"

Stephanie - "Gosh what happened here?.. Chaz.. You're bleeding"

Chaz - I'm OK

Stephanie. No you aren't. We're going to the hospital
Chaz - Whatever....

This was just the beginning.. I shall continue my tale next week..

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