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NEW Nokia C1 May Be Able To Run On Both Windows And Android

I can’t guarantee the authenticity of Nokia's new Android device, the Nokia C1 images, its a known fact that there have been rumors of Nokia releasing a new device any time soon. Nokia hasn’t been able to make smartphones of its own for a while now but by the end of this year, the contractual agreement with Microsoft is expiring and the company may really get back into making new smartphones.
The new renders we’ve seen suggests Nokia’s upcoming Nokia C1 it’s likely going to have an Android and Windows variants. Although this seems to be more logical, there are also speculations the device might be able to dual boot Android and Windows.
nokia c1
According To geek.ng ,eThe rendered images found on Weibo suggests the device is going to have a customized UI running Z launcher. But then, a device having a Windows & Android variant looks rather doubtful and this is why the images can’t be totally accepted as genuine.
Nokia has made it known that it might return to smartphone production in 2016 but then, it seems we have to wait to know if this device is actually the real deal or just a concept created by a Nokia fan.
The last Android phones, Nokia X and Nokia XL, didn’t perform so well and this may be because they were just below par. Those devices were not what people were expecting and a lot of potential buyers changed their minds. There were so many devices in their price range offering better features and perform way better.
If the news of this new Nokia C1 is true, the company will definitely ensure it’s good enough to compete in the already saturated market. A lot of old Nokia users are anticipating the company’s return and would like to see them back in business.
Again, these images may be fake and the whole thing might be a well-concocted rumor after all.

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NEW Nokia C1 May Be Able To Run On Both Windows And Android NEW Nokia C1 May Be Able To Run On Both Windows And Android Reviewed by Michael Ajah on Sunday, December 06, 2015 Rating: 5

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