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How To Remove Spam Links From Your Facebook Wall

Many people have been complaining of this problem so I decided to share the solution to this problem. These links might damage your reputation or even cause problems between you and your friends. The scenario always plays out like this, you login to your Facebook account, check your profile and start seeing links you never shared.

Now Here's The Solution

Look For The App Used In Posting On Your Wall

In the image above, hootsuite was used to share the spam links

So in any situation check for the app used in sharing the links

Now Here's what to do

1. Go to Facebook and login to your account.
2. Go to the menu in the upper-right corner of the
page, click on Account and select Privacy Settings .
3. Go to the bottom, under Applications and Websites,
and click Edit your Settings .
4. In the Applications you use section, click Remove .
5. When the Remove Selected Applications and Websites
window appears, scroll through the list and use the
corresponding checkboxes to select the apps and/or
sites that you wish to remove.
6. Click the Remove Selected button.

Once you're done change your fb password immediately to avoid a repeat of this.

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