Sunday, 19 February 2017

Scientists have successfully slowed down the process of aging; Anti-aging drug will hit the market in 2-3 years

Russian and Swedish scientists have reported a major
breakthrough in slowing down the process of aging. The
goal of the study is to know the role of mitochondria in
the process of aging of the organism. They made an
attempt to slow down aging by introducing an artificial
antioxidant SkQ1 into mitochondria.

- Russian biologist professor Vladimir Skulachev prepared the
artificial antioxidant SkQ1. - Experiments were carried on
genetically modified mice developed and characterized
in Sweden

- Scientists introduced a single mutation into the genome
of mice, as a result, there was accelerated mutagenesis in
mitochondria. This leads to accelerated aging and early
death of mutant mice.

- Researchers chose two groups of mutant mice aged 100
days for the study. To one group they gave water added
with artificial antioxidant (12 micrograms). The second group
was kept as control and fed with pure water

- There was a clear difference in aging of the two groups
of mice from 200-250 days . As expected the control
mice aged rapidly and there are visible symptoms of aging
that included loss of weight, raising body temperature, the
curvature of the spine and there was even the impairment
of estrous cycle in females.

- On the other hand, there was a decrease in the appearance
of age-related traits in mice treated with antioxidant SkQ1,
In some mice, aging traits did not appear at all in the
Professor Vladimir Skulachev, Co-author of the study said
that the study helps to know the role of mitochondria in the aging process and also opens the way for the treatment of aging by using mitochondria targeted antioxidants. Researchers are now developing a set of pharmaceutical products based on antioxidant SkQ1.

Their first drug - Visomitin eye drops - is already approved
and marketed in Russia, it also passed phase 2 clinical trials in the US. Next on they are now working on an oral form of SkQ1 which is currently in clinical trials. The antiaging drug may be approved and hit the market for systemic indications in 2-3 years.

Japanese Company NuAns To Release New Android Smartphone With 3GB RAM

Japanese company, Nuans started off with  a Windows 10-powered Neo smartphone. It's selling point was the TWOTONE interchangeable covers for its back. The whole thing later crashed though

They're now back in the smartphone game with a phone named Neo Reloaded. The main difference here is that the company has dumped Windows 10 Mobile in favor of Android (Nougat).

The new device is powered by Snapdragon 625 SoC, and sports a 5.2-inch full-HD display. with is 3GB, and a 3,450mAh battery to power it. The handset also comes with a a fingerprint sensor, and the interchangeable covers functionality is there as well.

It will cost around $440(about, N140,000).I must say it's pretty expensive for a new device though. As for availability, it's set to be launched on May 31, 2017.

Meizu M5s Hits 4.2 Million Registrations In One Day For Flash Sale

Meizu just announced the M5s a few days ago. The phone sports a 5.2” 2.5D IPS display with HD resolution and a Mediatek MT6753 chipset with an octa-core Cortex-A53 CPU. There are two versions with different internal storage - one for CNY799 (N36,000) with 16GB and a CNY999 (N45,000) one with 32 GB. With such prices I'm not really surprised that the registrations for the flash sale on February 20 reached 4.25 million.

Note that those are only pre-registrations that require only an email address and no payment has been made yet. Certainly the available stock may be gone in 30 seconds.

The device is currently available only in China.

Leaked - See Images Of The New LG G6

Considering that much visual leaks haven't been available for the LG G6 and the fact that LG has released a few details, this is certainly a nice photo leak of the device.

It gives a proper view of the display and a close look at the camera array on the back, which certainly matches the Leaks from case makers and others. The G6 will be powered by the Snapdragon 821 SoC, 32 GB of storage, 4 GB of RAM, a 3,200 mAh battery and that 5.7-inch QHD display with 18:9 aspect ratio.

The LG G6 will be officially unveiled at the MWC  on February 26, with hopes of taking away at some of the Galaxy S8‘s sales by getting out a couple of months earlier than Samsung’s next flagship.

Image Credit - 9to5Google

Google Plans On Removing Unskippable Ads From YouTube - You Won't Believe When

If you have been using YouTube for a number of years, you'll notice how it's changed over the years.

Remember those compulsory 30 Second ads that can't be interrupted?

Well, Google has finally taken notice of the growing user annoyance and says it does plan to get rid of the 30-second mandatory ad format unfortunately the removal is not coming any time soon

Here's the message from Google - (I'll just highlight the important part of the lengthy post)

As part of that, we’ve decided to stop supporting 30-second unskippable ads as of 2018 and focus instead on formats that work well for both users and advertisers […]

2018 is a really slow response time. However, in Google's defense, it is now managing content and selling and distributing ads on such a whopping scale that such a drastic format change will take a lot of time for advertisers to adjust.

With Facebook coming up speedily in the video business, they should really step up their game.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus - Speculated Price And Specifications In Nigeria

There's been a lot of speculations about the Galaxy S8+. It's expected to be released around April, and rumored to cost around $900 (283,500 Naira : depending on the exchange rate at the moment of release)

The screen of Galaxy S8 plus will reportedly be 131.58 mm tall, 143.05 mm diagonally, and 64.94 mm wide.

The Galaxy S8 plus will sport a 6.2-inches screen, which is quite larger compared than that of the S7.

It's also going to feature a dual-edge curved (infinity display) which covers 83% of the handset front panel. The phone may sport a 12-megapixel camera, a USB type-C port, a headphone jack, Al assistant, and 2560*1440 Quad HD super AMOLED display.

The smartphone will come with improvements for VR. It seems that the Galaxy S8 plus will have a lot to offer.

12MP rear sensor with visual search feature possible.New 1/2.3-inch sensor with f ¼ aperture.8MP front camera rumored to have an iris scanner.

There’s a possibility that this phone will sport dual cameras at the back, and a dedicated button as well. For better audio output quality, Samsung might put dual speakers on this model.

It should run on Android Nougat. The voice assistant will feature in all native apps on the Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy S8. And it’s also rumored that both models would have an always-visible status bar.

Keep in mind that at this moment in time, a lot of the facts above are based on rumors and speculation. But it seems Samsung could still have something extra up its sleeve for the S8+ model.

Samsung Galaxy XCover 4 Specifications Spotted On GFXBench

Details of the Samsung Galaxy XCover 4 has been spotted on the Gfx Bench Site.

The smartphone will come with Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. The processor will be a quad-core 1.4GHz processor with 2GB RAM. The phone will also sport a 4.8-inch HD display and come with 16GB storage. The main camera will have a 13MP shooter, while the selfie snapper will produce 5MP snaps.

Pricing and availability aren't currently available.

Twitter Hits Trolls With Massive Weapon : The Timeout

Nobody likes trolls but some people really find it amusing to troll on others. Trolls will have something to face as Twitter, the micro blogging platform has recently introduced a new weapon to combat trolls on its network: The Timeout

Trolls Will Be Feeling Like

Just last week, Twitter just rolled out a new feature to detect trolls by spotting abusive behavior from user accounts. When abuse is suspected, Twitter reduces the number of people who can see that person’s tweets for a pre-determined period of time. 

Only people who actively follow an account will be able to see its tweets while the account remains in timeout. That will prevent nasty messages from appearing in the timeline and notifications of anybody who doesn't explicitly want to see tweets from the timed-out user.

The initial round of timeouts seem to all be 12 hours in length. It’s not clear if Twitter will use other time constraints of shorter and longer durations, or if 12 hours will be the standard.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Check Out Ex President Obasanjo, Tekno, Genevieve Nnaji And Others After A FaceApp Transformation

I've certainly has a lot of fun with other apps like Meitu and Prisma but this app also adds a bit of spice to the world of photography apps.

Android users will now be able morph their faces after a popular face-morphing app was
launched on Wednesday on Google Play.

FaceApp, which was initially available only for Apple iPhones, had reached one million downloads in two weeks is now available on Android

Like I did with Meitu And Prisma, I decided to play Around with Faceapp.

President Olusegun Obasanjo


Tekno Miles

Uche Jombo

Yul Edochie

Genevieve Nnaji


Instagram Sensation - @kirachanaa

Hehehe.. Yours Truly


The app is fun though... You Can download It from the link below.

Download Now

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Meizu M5s - Price And Specifications In Nigeria

Chinese OEM , Meizu officially unveiled the M5s phone a few days ago. The M5s sports a 5.2-inch IPS display with 720p resolution and under the hood is an octa-core Cortex-A53 processor clocked at 1.3GHz on a MediaTek MT6753 chipset.

The Meizu M5s comes with a massive 3000mAh battery capacity and supports quick charge. Meizu claims that it can be charged from 0% to 19% in 10minutes, it also has 3GB RAM while the internal memory options include 16GB and 32GB (storage is expandable by up to 128GB).

The camera is quite impressive, the Selfie shooter has a 5MP sensor while the rear camera packs 13MP with PDAF F/2.2 5-element lens and a dual-tone LED flash.

The M5s comes in four color variants, black, silver, gold, and rose gold. It also features metal body, mTouch fingerprint scanner, and offers support for dual-SIM and VoLTE.

The phone will cost around N35,000 in naira for the 16GB version and N47,800 for the 32GB version.

How To Get Free 1GB And 500MB Of Data On MTN Nigeria

MTN Nigeria is currently giving out free 500mb and 1GB Data to a number of selected subscribers and you might just be lucky.

How To Get Free 500mb or 1GB from MTN

Simply dial *449# then reply with 1 for 500mb or 2 for 1GB.
If you are eligible, you will receive a from MTN

How To Get Free N200 Airtime On Etisalat

Need Extra Airtime?... Well, Etisalat is giving out free airtime to its customers who participate in their online survey.

The survey comes with a free N200 airtime immediately you complete it. In the survey, you will answer some questions about what you think about the mobile games available on their platform. It's just a few questions.

How can I participate in the survey?

Kindly click on this Link and answer all the questions in the survey and also make sure you input your Etisalat number for the N200 airtime reward.

HTC Is Working On A Mobile VR Version Of Vive

HTC is planning to release a mobile VR headset this year.

The Taiwan company hasn't been selling as many phones as it used to, and is now referring to itself as a "VR company,"

It's working on a Mobile version of the HTC Vive.

The HTC Vive requires a very powerful PC and a couple of wires to function properly, while Google's Daydream and Samsung’s Gear VR just require a compatible smartphone. They're not as powerful as the Vive, obviously, but it's portable at least.

HTC promises to release something in the middle, perhaps a bit more standalone, and slightly more powerful, than Google's and Samsung's approaches, but more portable than a Vive. According to HTC, the solution will be compatible with its new HTC U Ultra flagship, and will be released before the end of 2017.

Nokia Plans On Releasing 3 Smartphones Alongside 3310 Replacement

Believe it or not, the Nokia 3310 was a legend and HMD Global is definitely planning to pay homage to this amazing device. The Finnish company is planning to release a feature phone to replace the 3310 alongside 3 Android Smartphones.

Initially the Nokia 6 was launched in China and will be showcased at the MWC event on February 26. The Nokia 6 will be sold for about N83,000.

Also the Nokia 5 which sports a 5.2-inch 720p touchscreen, 2GB of RAM, and a 12 MP main camera will be released as well. It will be powered by the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 SoC as the Nokia 6. The Nokia 5 will cost N66,000. Moving further down to the low-end, the Nokia 3 will cost N49,000, though it's unclear what specs it will bring to the table.

These three Android models will be joined in the new Nokia portfolio by a "modern version of a classic workhorse of a feature phone", a re-imagining of the 3310 from 2000. This cult classic is updated for 2017, but still appears to be a feature phone. It's going to be sold for €59.


Facebook Lite Hits 200 Million Users

Facebook Lite is a great alternative to Facebook's main application. Helping users to save data.

The app was supposed to work with slower devices and network speeds, however it seems to be pretty available Globally. Facebook features a link on its own website and if the Play Store just happens to deny you the download, you can always use one of the major APK mirror sites to get it.

Mark Zuckerberg just announced the app has 200 million active users. This number doubled over the last year, which vouches well for Facebook Lite and its merits, but is also probably a clear wake-up call for the main app and the direction it is heading in.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Nougat Update Affects Battery Life Of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Samsung hasn't been having the best of times lately and it now seems the Nougat update to their flagship devices (Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge), just reduced the battery life

A number of tests just revealed that the battery life of both devices have been affected by around 10%.


The screen brightness of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were both turned all the way up to 200 units, and the same testing standards were used as for most devices. However, it was also noted that the battery life of the devices also declined with the age of the device.

After taking the battery test on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the devices were updated to Android 7.0 Nougat running kernel version 3.18.14. After installing the latest updates, the same battery tests were conducted once again and the following scores were recorded

The Galaxy S7 scored approximately 6 hours ofbattery life on Android 7.0 Nougat, while it was 6 hours 37 minutes on Marshmallow. Whereas the Galaxy S7 Edge ran for 6 hours 35 minutes on Nougat but scored 7 hours 10 minutes on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

This means that the Galaxy S7 has suffered a 9.4% decline in battery life, while the Galaxy S7 Edge battery life has dropped by 8.1%. Hopefully, Samsung can address the issue of declined battery life and work on an update to bring back the lost battery life, if not improve it even further.

Via PhoneArena

Monday, 13 February 2017

Exclusive : Vernee Plans To Release 5 Smartphones With Massive RAM and Battery Capacity

I got an invite from Vernee to the MWC but I can't go apparently because of some things I'm doing in school but nevertheless the invite comes with some leaks and I'm feeling like :

Apparently, Vernee isn't resting on their oars this year. They'll be dropping 5 devices at the MWC this year and they'll be really massive..

Vernee leaks haven't been in the news lately but they just let the cat out of the bag. The devices aim to beat Xiaomi and Nokia Phones. However the leaks only shows the main highlights of the devices, hopefully I'll get more details before or after the MWC.

The first is the Vernee Apollo 2 which will be the first smartphone running on the Helio X30 nm Chipset. It'll come in two variants a 6GB and 8GB RAM variants.

The 8GB RAM variant will also come with an additional 128GB of storage while the 6GB RAM version will come with 64GB of storage.

Thats really massive. The ideal phone for fans of big specs

They'll also be releasing more devices like the
Vernee Mars Pro, under the hood is a Helio P25 chipset and powering this machine is an additional 6GB RAM.

The Vernee Apollo X aims to knock out the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. The device will run on a Helio X20 chipset and will come with Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. The phone is extremely outstanding and cost-efficient. The device will be released in March.

If you're a fan of massive batteries, then Vernee has your back. They'll be dropping two devices with massive batteries as well, the Vernee Thor E and Vernee Thor Plus.

The Vernee Thor E will sport 5.0 inch display and will be 8.2mm thin. It'll be powered by a massive 5020mAH battery and unlike some phones with massive batteries that are heavy the device weighs just 149g. It'll be launched on April.

The Vernee Thor Plus aims to handle power more efficiently as it packs a 6050mAH battery and is just 7.9mm thick. The device will be released in May.


Saturday, 11 February 2017

Gionee A1 - See Specifications And Price In Nigeria

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is coming up on the 26th of this month and it's definitely going to feature a number of new smartphones and you can certainly add Gionee to the growinglist of companies presenting new products.

Gionee sent media invites for its special event that will take place on February 27, and the invitation comes with exactly what we all should expect.

The Gionee A1 is allegedly going to sport a 5.5-inch 1080p touchscreen with 2.5D Gorilla Glass on top, under the hood is a MediaTek processor clocked at 1.8Ghz, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of expandable storage, dual-SIM support, a 13 MP rear camera with LED flash, a 16 MP selfie shooter possibly with a LED flash of its own, an IR blaster, a fingerprint sensor on the back, and a 4,010 mAh battery with support for 18W fast charging.

With all this specs I'm definitely feeling like.

The A1 will run on Android 7.0 Nougat with Gionee's Amigo OS 4.0. The handset is expected to be released globally around April, and should cost around $336 at the current exchange rates.

The iPhone 8 Could Sport An Iris Scanner And OLED Display

A new report just revealed that one of the three apple phones launching this year will sport an OLED display, which will be provided by Samsung.

The iPhone 8 model will also come with an iris scanner, a feature that was first debuted on Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 but is expected to be available in the S8 and S8 Plus.

The companies that make up the iPhones' supply chain will allegedly start delivering parts and components for the next-gen devices by the end of the first quarter, earlier than in the past. That said, the new handsets may still be announced in September as usual.

5 Recommended Ways Bloggers Can Improve Their Blogs

Your blog should always stand out and improving it will certainly go a long way in boosting your Blog's online presence. Here are a few ways to improve your blog

Stay Updated With Accurate Information

A lot of Nigerian Bloggers like to update their blogs without verifying the accuracy of the information they post. Try to verify the authenticity of the information you post on your blog before publishing. Also make sure you use excellent grammar and punctuation.

Don't write posts that'll leave your readers like -


Use Videos And High Quality Images

Videos and Images will make your site more informative and interactive. Not everyone will find it easy to read plenty of information. If your blog has a lot of tutorials then videos are certainly necessary.
High-quality images will give your blog readers a good impression about your blog. You can get a lot of stock images for your blog with free license at Pixabay, Canva and PicMonkey.


Attractive and Outstanding Design

Make your blog attractive and appealing for your visitors. Don't over use plugins. Too many plug ins may turn your blog into a war zone. Your blog should stand out and have an authentic appearance. It should be something that the visitor can easily remember. The color scheme and logo should be meaningful and carefully selected. I previously used a red and white color scheme but I later changed to yellow and black to match my new logo.


Make Your Blog Easy To Navigate

Users should be able to navigate your blog easily. The blog should be structured in a manner that allows the users to use it easily.The most important pages should be listed at the top. The link on the website should not be broken. Ensure that all the links to other pages are working smoothly. The site should also be responsive. All of the web browsers should be compatible with your blog from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox and Opera.


Strengthen Security

Those using Blogspot are a little bit safe when it comes to this area. WordPress users should endeavor to keep updating their WordPress version to the latest version to avoid hacks. The REST API on WordPress had issues and has been patched in the latest version. Strengthening security will help visitors to feel safe when they work with you. You can also purchase an SSL certificate.



How To Enable 2 Step Verification To Secure Your Whatsapp Account

WhatsApp is finally rolling out the two-step verification feature to every users of its Android, iOS, and Windows Phone apps. The security feature was previously available to only beta users for some time now, but it has now been made official.

This feature allows you to create a six-digit pass-code that'll be required whenever your phone number is being verified on the app. The two-step verification feature can be activated by going to Settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable.

You'll also be able to add your e-mail address, although it's optional but can be useful in case you ever forget your pass-code.

WhatsApp won't be able to verify the accuracy of the email address you enter, so you need to enter it carefully to make sure that you're not locked out of your account if you forget your pass-code.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Download : Gangstar New Orleans Apk + Obb (Mod)

Gameloft just dropped the next iteration to its Gangstar series dubbed Gangstar New Orleans . Unfortunately its an online game and not like the Offline Vegas Game. Gameloft just released it in a few countries.

The gold standard for open-world action-adventure series is back, in the fascinating city of New Orleans. With hundreds of vehicles, an outrageous arsenal, and complete freedom to roam this vast city, you have all the tools to become a criminal legend.

Biker gangs, crooked cops and even Voodoo priests prowl these streets and hide in the bayou. And you? You’re the least common criminal of all! Become a man on a mission to claim the Big Easy as your own criminal capital… by any means necessary.

• Have fun shooting your way through story missions in New Orleans's varied city districts, each with their own unique flavor and action, from the French Quarter to the slums and even the mysterious bayou.

• Enjoy triple-A graphics and an amazing game soundtrack to experience the city's action-packed, free-flowing atmosphere.

• Exclusive to Gangstar New Orleans, Turf Wars bring fun GvG (gangster vs. gangster) excitement to your favorite game series

• Join the action and claim your turf! Then defend it from rival crime gangs; the free resources you'll gain will come in handy for future wars and when crafting new guns and items in the game.

• Have fun creating your own custom gangster using a vast array of options!

• Feel free to equip, fuse and evolve hundreds of guns, vehicles and gangsters to tailor your character to your personal style. From gun expertise to explosives, there are plenty of fun crime styles -- which will you pick?

For fans of open-world games, gang wars, shooting action, gangsters and free games.

Download Game



1) Gangstar New Orleans Showing Error Not available in your country? We are not ready yet to release the game in your area? How to fix it?

Ans:- Use A VPN. here is the ExpressVPN link download it first


After installing VPN App open it select Free User and sign up using your EMAIL ID. and then start your VPN Service select PHILIPPINES SERVER.
Once you are connected to Philippines server, start your you will not see any problem and game will start to load.
Do not worry you do not have to start VPN Every Time.this process needs to be done only at first play. after that you can play it without VPN.

2) Gangstar New Orleans APK or MOD APK is not installing showing “App Not Installed Error”
Ans:- This happens probably because you have original signed Gameloft games installed in your phone which is downloaded from Play store so simply uninstall all other gameloft games and then try to install will be installed.